Moral Lessons from the Bible: God as the Perfect Father?
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Moral Lessons from the Bible: God as the Perfect Father?

I’ve heard at times from non-fundamentalist friends and family that the stories of the Bible are not to be taken literally but that they provide moral lessons. Sometimes I have to wonder what moral lessons and truths they are talking about. For instance, there is one story in the Bible in particular that honestly and … Continue reading

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The personal is political: Women’s health choices VS religious freedom?

Women’s health issues are controversial. In recent years, conservative politicians and religious leaders have been leading a push to make health services for women harder and harder to obtain. For instance Rick Santorum has advocated that states should have the right to ban birth control. Now, as adamantly pro-choice as I am, I can see why some people … Continue reading

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How could a 12-year-old girl deserve hell?

WARNING: Things will get a bit personal in this post. I will be talking about my experiences with religion as relates to my self-esteem and self-confidence. Will I be blaming all my insecurities on religion? Well, no, though I think there are areas where religious messages I received as a child took advantage of and exacerbated my natural insecurities. It’s probably … Continue reading