What Gives Me Hope

Even when I’ve been at the lowest point in my life, I have never lost hope. I see hope as a sense that there are good things coming in my future. For me to hope means that I’m confident that I will continue to have love, joy, happiness, and the meeting of my material needs in the future. Hope means for me that I have reasons to live. And it means to me that if I work for what I want, I have a pretty good chance of obtaining it.

I have a future and a hope.

Butterfly on Atheist "A"

Butterfly on Atheist "A"

A butterfly has been long used as a symbol for hope. I’ve heard that it’s also used sometimes as a symbol of eternal life, though I think this falls short since a cocoon is not a grave, nor to adult butterflies live forever. To me is more a symbol of transformation. Things can and do change. Dark days are never eternal. Spring always comes again. 🙂